Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trib Local Blog

Have you heard of Trib Local?! It's so great!! It's the local Chicago Tribune - online! Love to blog?! Have news to share?! This is the place for you... And for us! Etc has it's own blog at Check it out!

Follow us there for news and new things! :-) Comments and Suggestions are always welcome!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outdoor Shopping Event/Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting

Hello!!! We're having a Big Outdoor Shopping Event/Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Saturday, June 18th 9am-5pm! There will be lots of new and existing vendors! Free stuff! Raffles to support missions! We'll also offer things like feather hair extensions, nail painting, and there's much more planning for fun things in the works!!

Most everyone else in the Harlem Crossings Plaza is taking part too! Fantastic Sam's is doing $8 kid's cuts and $10 adult cuts! Paradise Smoothies and Pizza Mia will have tables outside! Come check everything out! Just in time for Summer, Grad Parties, Father's Day, etc!! Hope to see you there!

We'd really like all of our family, friends and wonderful customers to be there!!! We're sure you'll enjoy it!

Outdoor Shopping 9-3
Extended Store Hours 9-5
Ribbon Cutting and Picture at 10am! --- BE THERE!!!!!

Twitter: @etcstoresinc

Harlem Crossings
19806 S. Harlem Ave.
Frankfort, IL 60423

Friday, April 15, 2011

Newest Additions

             Etc is pleased to welcome many new vendors! 

           Made by Me is a collection of hand-made gift card holders by Frankfort resident – Rose. Each piece is hand-crafted with beautiful, ornate flowers in antique tea cups, painted flower pots, etc. She even has shoe gift card holders for $4.99. They’re so unique, and the perfect, personalized way to give a gift card! (She also has a line of greeting cards coming in this month too!)

          Prittee is a new line of hair-bows for little girls. Alissa, a local resident, also custom makes the monogram bow holders, and they sure are “prittee.” The way the name came about is a prittee sweet story too – come in to find out!

-          David Lotton Glass Designs now has a gallery here at Etc! Each piece is handcrafted and amazing!! Who wouldn’t want a beautiful vase or bowl for their home or paperweight for their office? They make great gifts too!!

-          Sew-Easy is one of our new favorite vendors. Lois has been embroidering for over 30 years. She has really cute baskets, dish towels, and countless other items that you can custom order. But one thing we’re really excited about is the EMBROIDERED TOILET PAPER ROLLS. Yes, toilet paper rolls. They say clever things, such as, “In case the Chicago White Sox play like crap.” Or Cubs, Blackhawks, etc!…whatever you’d like them to say.

-          Local talent is incessantly taking over every inch of Etc. Stop by to see the daily additions. We now have designer clothes and shoes on consignment. Plus, check out our new racks and dressing room – built by our very own….you guessed it! – local residents!! See you soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not Made in China

Do you know what we LOVE about etc? Every vendor that has a space in our store is LOCAL! That Bella Bangle you're wearing - made of Swarovski crystals and Freshwater pearls - it's handmade right here in one of your towns. That FABULOUS new handbag that you has specially made in the exact color you want? Yep, made right here in Frankfort by Madeline Woods. How about the amazing all natural, organic Body Care you use everyday? Green Envee Organics is LOCAL TOO! You just scored a BRAND NEW Coach purse ON SALE - and you DIDN'T have to drive over an hour to get it?! YES! RIGHT HERE. Or how about the awesomely unique ring you just saw on your hairstylist? Made of old watch parts? Super cool? Yep..that's JK STEAMPUNK right here in Mokena! I could go on and on and onnnn!! But I think you get the point! Everyone is local.

Why not support your neighbors, friends and family in investing in their product - made right here? We love that we've created a little community that keeps on GROWING! And we love that you all have voiced your opinion, and told us that YOU LOVE IT!

Speaking of growing? We've just had an addition to our community here at etc. 9t5 Theses. It's a new humanitarian clothing line started by two local, young entrepreneurs who have a HUGE vision to impact the WORLD. Really...they do! And we're so proud of them! And just by buying a T-shirt, you, yourself are giving to missions and impacting lives!

Well...what are you waiting for come out and support these and MANY other local vendors!
Our hours are
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-4
Sunday 12-4

We also SHIP orders right to you!!! 
 Just call 815-469-7225.

Follow us on Facebook at We update it all the time with new items, CONTESTS and news! (Check now to see details for the MARCH MADNESS contest!)

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year, A New Venture

Hi, I'm Kirsten, and this is just a bit about me and my life... I looove anything artsy, creative, pretty, unique..etc etc! I recently opened this store "etc. stores, inc." with my mom, and let me tell you - it's a blast! and an unknown dream come true! Opening a store is a LOT of work let me tell you, and getting it going and keeping it going is even more work! But I am loving every minute of it. :)

Our store is so unique. It's for guys and girls. We have a variety of vendors and items in our store.. One cool thing about the concept of it is: it gives other people a chance to get their business going, grow/expand their business and the opportunity to be in a retail store! I am oh so excited for each of the vendors we work with!! They're doing SO GREAT!

We're open 6 days a week..and during those 6 days I get to buy and sell unique, trendy items, take photos <3, be on facebook, blog, talk to people!, network, spend time with my family, help other people succeed and oh so much more! I am loooving this! And it gives me more time to work on music, singing, writing..etc! So...Whatever your dreams are..find a way to make them happen! Doors will open..Things will happen if you just keep going in the right direction. Network. Talk to people. See what they're doing. Do what YOU want. Don't let anyone talk you out of your dreams. "Live the life you have imagined." - Thoreau && remember, " The ones who are truly lasting will let you be you and not fight you about wanting to get better." - MLF


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

$$ Prom, Homecoming, Twirp, Winter/Spring Formals...

Do you have a dress or two or wayyy too many just stashed in your closet? Or one you just wore to Homecoming this fall? What are you going to do with all those dresses? They could be a good decoration, or closet fillers. You could...what could you do with them??

Well.. I have the perfect answer!

etc. stores, inc. is now taking your Prom, Homecoming, Twirp and Formal dresses on Consignment. What's consignment mean? It means you get to put your dresses in our store, we sell them and YOU get money for them! Beats letting them just sit in your closet.

It works like this - bring in your dress(es) already cleaned - no appointment needed.  ((There's actually a Cleaners right in our strip mall, and I hear they have GREAT PRICES: Star Cleaners. $5-$10 depending on the intricacies of the dress)) When the dress sells, you get 60% of the selling price. (if your dress does not sell after a specified time period, you may lower the price or pick your dress up).

So basically, you can make money from the dresses you've worn, and you can buy someone else's dress for a much cheaper price! ALSO!!!  Madeline Woods Chicago by Madeline Woods of Frankfort, IL will custom make your purse/clutch for your next dance. She'll even match her swatches to your dress! So come on in, check us out on facebook,
our website, call us at 815-469-7225 or email us at

We'll start taking dresses on January 1, 2011. :)


Just some of our items!

 Jewelry, Bangles and Bracelets by Bella Bangles
 JK Steampunk
 More by JK Steampunk
 WoodWick Candles and Tarts
 Designer Purses on Consignment
 Green Envee Organics
 New Wrap Bracelets
 Madeline Woods Chicago
 WoodWick Trilogy Candles

 Glass Pendants

 New Coach Purses at the Outlet Prices!
 Department 56 and other Christmas Collectibles
All Christmas Bags are 50cents!

Come check us out! Our hours are Monday (closed), Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4 and Sun 12-4.
Call or email us at 815-469-7225 or Our Facebook is